83-031 Łęgowo
ul. Tczewska 12
tel./fax 58 682 85 94
tel. 58 691 14 10

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about us

"Gardenia" Horticultural Warehouse was established in 1992, and its seat is located in Łęgowo near Gdańsk at the national road No 1. It is owned by Gabriela and Stanisław Greliak, who graduated from SGGW-AR (Main School of Farming) in Warsaw and ART in Olsztyn. The company started its activity from distribution of seeds of Przedsiębiorstwo Nasiennictwa Ogrodniczego i Szkółkarstwa Ożarów Mazowiecki seed production company) and it became its agent for the north area of Poland. For 12 years, P.H. "Gardenia" has been extending its trade offer systematically by adjusting itself to the changeable needs of the market. At present, it is a distributor of the products of many leading Polish producers, among others, Marma Polskie Folie, Inco-Veritas, Kwazar and it is an importer of flower bulbs from the Netherlands.

P.H. "Gardenia" addresses its offer to the horticultural centres, gardener's-agricultural shops and companies rendering the horticultural services. Many-year experience and a wide range of high quality products allowed our company to adjust to diversified needs of customers.

Our motto is a professional, reliable and quick service.

We invite you for cooperation.